Host your own ‘Bling Fling’ event!

If you would love to support Bling Fling but are unable to attend our Trainers and Tiaras Charity Walk and Party, then why not host your own Bling Fling event?

We would love to hear your story!

Why not host your own themed event such as Pink Fizz Cocktail Party, a Cake and Coffee Morning, or participate in another sporting event and get sponsorship for Bling Fling - you can still register for online giving via JustGiving.

We can provide posters, tiaras, tee shirts, sponsor forms etc.

Have a look at our Fundraising Ideas page for an A-Z of fun ways to fundraise for Bling Fling.

If you have your own idea or want to discuss any of these please contact us at:


We'd be happy to help as all monies raised benefit the Bling Fling charities. You can make an online donation by clicking on our Donate button above.